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    how can we get the UI contents as a workflow request

    sam bam Newbie

      Dear All

      i want to create a workflow for our project such that i need to get the content's of the UI as the request's for jbpm workflow, i mean if i post some values from a jsp or an html can i get those values into jbpm workflow. and now iam using Eclipse-Jbpm(GPD ) to create a workflow.
      is there any way such that i can get those values into the JBPM workflow .
      and can we setup some rules to that. Please help me ....i had done some workflow using jbpm gpd with eclipse and added some task's for task nodes and but i didn't came to know how other thing's are going to be use ful like process state ,super state, desision, ......

      and i searched a lot to get the description of those and how to use those but i couldn't find much description of that... so please help me
      how can i use those things to do the thing described above...

      Thank's in advance

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          first of all it is the wrong forum. This sounds like a user question, not a development of jbpm related one. Second, I only partly have a clue what you are asking and my answer would be to first to read the documentation and look at the testcases/examples in the source (sorry, but I think lots of what you are asking IS in there) and for the first part, look at how the webapp works. It's a great example of using the jbpm api from ui