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    build updates

    Tom Baeyens Master

      i just did a bunch of build updates.

      * i refactored the build so that all jbpm dependencies are fetched from the local source tree (in the target dirs). All the version numbers are now consequent in the version.properties files in the respective top level subprojects. the version numbers that specified the jbpm dependencies (as they were fetched from the local repository) were in build/build.properties are removed.

      also i have added as comments in the properties file how to specify a specific version of a jbpm dependency. so by updating properties in build/build.properties, you can change the build behaviour to take the dependency from the local repository versus taking the dependency from the a target dir in the source tree.

      * the other thing that i changed was that i included dependency targets in the base.project.build.xml. that way, i could replace the ant file tasks with actual dependencies. of course this only does dependency graph resolution inside one build. since all the sub project builds are done independently.