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    Jars for Drool integration examples

    Jeff DeLong Master

      In order to run the RulesAssignmentHandler and RulesActionHandler examples that I have created I needed to add the following Drools related jars to the classpath:


      Most of these are required because the rules are compiled at run time. This should be added to JBPM_REPO.


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          Tom Baeyens Master

          jeff, please make sure that only the local example has a get.dependencies target for these libraries.

          also the local build file (or the local properties file) should have the properties that point to the remote and local repository files. you might do this in the same format as the overall build.

          there are other integrations as well that require many dependent libs (e.g. jackrabbit). i don't want to have to fetch *all* of those dependencies in for the overall build.

          I don't not want those libs in the standard eclipse classpath.

          If you keep to that, you can just commit that.

          is that ok for you ?