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    deploying to jboss in development

    Tom Baeyens Master

      i have changed the deployment strategy a little bit. since multiple people are developing on different deployment artifacts, there is no single package that will get deployed by physical copy to the jboss deploy directory. instead all deployments are now done through JMX. this means that a file somewhere on your hard drive is deployed as if it were in the deploy directory. the advantage is that no jbpm deployments remain in the jboss deploy directory. so you can always start from a clean jboss by rebooting your jboss instance.

      now, all the deploy targets, use jmx as a deployment mechanism. if you would like to add a target for deploying through physical file copy to the deploy directory, just add a new target called 'deploy.by.copy' or something like that.

      does that make sense ?

      does everyone agree that this is a good strategy ?