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    versioning for subprojects (e.g. bpel)

    Tom Baeyens Master

      I saw that bpel makes a distinction in versioning for the .jar and for the .war. This probably should be refactored as the idea was that only top level projects would be versioned separately. So this would imply that there is 1 version for the bpel sub project.

      I assume that Alex made a small mistake when trying to reverse engineer this strategy. Documentation from my part might have helped :-) sorry! I'm working on stabilizing the build process and then I will try to enhance the docs as well.

      Or were there specific reasons why you made a separation between the .war and .jar, Alex ?

      Don't worry for now. I'm going to leave the bpel properties as they are and refactor the other projects a bit. Then I can show you how update the bpel properties accordingly. We can have a call to go through it. And if you explain me the bpel build process a bit, i can do that rework of the build properties for bpel as well.