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    JBoss jBPM GPD component or JBoss jBPM GPD producut

    Ronald van Kuijk Master

      Both are in the jira. The former has more entries (including more recent ones) but no up to date versions (<3.0.9), the latter has newer versions (upto 3.1) So which one should I use to file reports and if we split the projects, shouldn't we also split the forums e.g. A 'gpd', 'bpel' in addition to the ones we have

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          Koen Aers Master

          The GPD was taken out of the main jBPM project in JIRA to be able to define an independent release cycle. So I have to really quickly put some effort in defining releases for the GPD and migrating all the existing open issues from the GPD module in the main jBPM project to the GPD project. I'll try to do this shortly. The bottomline is to use the GPD product in JIRA for all issues about the GPD.
          Concerning the separate forums, this would have advantages and disadvantages. Personally I am inclined to leave the situation as simple as it is now...