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    jBPM 3.2 web-console not working?

    Luis Olivares Newbie


      I already have been using and deploying new processes in jBPM 3.1 by downloading the jBoss IDE 1.6 and jBPM Starter Kit 3.1.2.

      I wanted to move to 3.2 since I need custom forms. I downloaded the Alpha 2 and JBoss IDE 2.0 alpha.

      I know it is an Alpha but I was wondering if the features in the web-console are already working or not.

      I do the next steps:
      -I log in with 'cookie monster' (in fact I have tried with all the users).
      -In the left menu I select 'find processes'.
      -I see the list of processes and select websale's 'summary' link.
      -The summary page displays, now I select the left menu option 'start new process instance'.
      -nothing happens.

      Is it a bug? I see some javascript errors when I log in (Im using IE 6 SP1).
      Was it working in Alpha 1?

      I downloaded the file 'jbpm-jpdl-suite-3.2.Alpha2.zip' from sourceforge.net