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    Web Console: Componentizing

    David Lloyd Master

      In order to allow people to use the cool jBPM components outside of jBPM, I'm considering grouping the components into the following categories:

      1. Regular JSF Components - These are components that do not do anything jBPM-specific, but add fuctionality not found in other component sets. This would include the custom dataTable, dataForm, tabset, base, bind, messages, and their relatives.

      2. jBPM Task Form Components - These are components that are specific to using task forms, such as the taskForm tag as well as the various task form button components. Using these components would depend on #1 above (since as of now, generated task forms use the dataForm component).

      3. jBPM Web Console Components - These are components that might not be useful outside of the Web Console, or they are most likely to be duplicated in functionality with other component libraries (I'm thinking of Seam here). These would include the search component, process image, and xml printer.

      I'd like to consider packaging #1 and #2 separately.

      Any opinions?