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    Console performance

    Jeff DeLong Master

      It is not clear if we intend the web console as just an example to get started with, or do we think users will use it in production, in particular for view processinstances, etc.

      If the later, we should test the performance at some point. In particular the response time for task list and processinstance list when there are hundreds or thousands of instance in either list.

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          The current form of the web console is definitely not intended as an example to get started with.

          This will grow out to become a fully fledged console, too complex for people to start using it as a JSF example.

          Of course, we should keep it as easy as possible for developers to tweak it, but including more functionality has priority.

          Indeed performance and stress tests are going to be needed. I would leverage the community to do the initial pinpointing of problems and only spend our own resournces on it after a potential SEAM refactoring.