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    Simplified end user functionality

    Kevin Barfield Newbie

      This topic is part of the web console feedback: http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JbpmConsoleFeedback

      As mentioned in other threads, the end user functionality needs to be simplified. End users should be able to work tasks with the fewest clicks possible and with only the information they need to see on the page. Remove all menu functionality that end users don't have access to. Remove source code tabs (end users don't need to see source code). Remove or rename fields that end users don't need to see Examples: ID, Instance ID, PooledActors, Task Priority. Task list should go straight to the form, and submitting the form should go back to the task list.

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          Administrator Administrator Novice

          let me try and list the points with which i agree

          * minimize number of clicks needed for basic tasks such as starting a new process and performing a task. navigation straight from the task list to the task form and back

          * remove unnecessary fields like id's (i do think that priority is an end user field, though)

          * the source code tabs should not be there in the real app. but in the suite download, i would also like to target evaluation features. so that is why i thought that based on a configuration property (david, let me know if you want me to add that) the web console could display source links. This was especially insteresting in the SEAM example apps and i think it would be nice to have in the jbpm examples that ship in the suite download.

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            Kevin Barfield Newbie

            I don't have a problem with the source tab showing up for adminstrators, but there is no need for end users (participant role) of the process to even know this functionality exists. We need to be targeting Joe Corporate User with the Participant functionality.