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    new build script updates committed

    Tom Baeyens Master

      let me know if you have a problem with them

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          Tom Baeyens Master


          * now you don't have to run the get dependencies separate any more. if your build needs the libraries, it will check if they are up to date. if not the build/build.xml is called with one of the targets get.libs.dependencies, get.jboss.dependencies or get.eclipse.dependencies.

          * the version.properties files have been removed. instead, the build/build.properties contains the version properties.

          * some targets were moved from the project.base.build.xml to the project specific build file. like package, jpdl, create.manifest and all those. the original mechanism was too complex and not realizing a lot of reuse. there seem to be always little differences between the same targets in different subprojects. the old targets in the project.base.build.xml are still on top of that file in comments in case you want to have a look.

          next i'm going to try to easy release tasks such as uploading to sf.net, uploading the docs and publishing jbpm artifacts to the remote repository.

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            Jeff DeLong Master

            When I run build it takes 5 minutes checking that each dependencies is upto date (which is is). Nothing is downloading, but the check takes a long time. I can't seem to figure out how to avoid the check.