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    build of JBoss subproject / JMX utilities

    Bernd Ruecker Master


      The org.jbpm.db.jmx.JbpmService seems to have moved to org.jbpm.jmx.JbpmService and the own subproject jboss. This I think is a good idea to better sperate the JBoss stuff from jbpm core.

      Nevertheless, the build-file in jboss/jmx is not working. To get the jar I needed I have added some lines in the build file (mainly copied from the identity build file) and one property in the build.properties:


      I think is not the best solution now, but it generates the needed jar for me. Because the buils process looks very complicated to me at the first glance, I will commit the build.xml and then leave the work to enhance the build file for somebody else which is more familiar with the build files...

      Thanks in advance