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    Fork with one path for every element of a collection

    Bernd Ruecker Master


      Today I faced the problem for the second time: We need a fork which starts a sub token for every item of a collection (but all have the same process flow).

      This is currently not possible with jbpm. So I plan to enhance the fork for that. My plan was, to configure a "fork-collection", where I can configure the name of a process variable, which must be a array or collection. And then, the fork automatically forks at that point and create a subtoken for every item and (thats the point, where I don't know how to realize that), every token has to know the exact item, he is working on. Also the join must know, how much tokens must arrive, bevor he fires...

      what do you think of this idea in general?

      Or maybe, anybody has already implemented something like that? Or his own idea in his mind?

      Thanks and best regards