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    Nonexistant classes referenced by Javadoc?

    Kevin Klinemeier Newbie

      I cleaned up four or five classes of javadoc errors (nonexistant param tags, variable names changed in code but not doc), but some of the @see and @link tags reference classes I can't find anything about. Do the following classes no longer exist, or are they simply not in the jbpm.3 project? If they're the former, I'll remove or redirect them to their replacements. If they're that latter I'll just ignore them.

      From GraphSession:

      From JbpmSession:


      The last two are also referenced from JbpmSessionFactory. The org.jbpm.tc package itself doesn't seem to exist, or I don't know where to look for it.

      I checked in the CVS history in the jbpm.2 and jbpm.3 projects, but couldn't find mention of these files.


      (enable javadoc processing in Eclipse to see these messages)