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    suspend-resume() Method with problems

    Javit Gellaw Newbie

      HiGuys , i tried to develop jbpm with some rules (drools). I use just start-state, task-node, (task with action-ActionHandler variables) and end-state.
      So my problem is:

      suppose a user give a value for one varable this will be controll by the drool
      For example variableName is "value" So the drool-rule condition controlls if value>10 then Condition is ok the process will continue,

      when not ok==>Drools(in Consequence) this Task-Node must wait, block or lock till the value variable is correct that means till value>10
      I tried this with the Method: to block the Task-node processInstance.suspend() also processInstance.wait()
      and to unblock the Task-Node processInstance.resume() also processInstance.signal()but it doesn't work.
      please help me with this problem

      with kind regards

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          Jeff DeLong Master

          First off, this should be asked on the user forum, as this forum is for discussing the design of jBPM, not how to use it.

          Secon, before you post, you should try to describe what you want to do in a clearer manner, and provide examples of the process definition and your rules. In particular, it is not clear how your rules would get invoked, in order to determine if the value was greater than 10.

          Finally there are example of jbpm / rules integration in the jBPM 3.2 examples directory. You should look at them if you have not already done so.