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    strategic ramblings

    Tom Baeyens Master

      there are a number of strategic efforts that i see in the project. i would like to share them in order of my perceived importance:

      * pvm. the new implementation of the updated pvm. most important improvement is that we are now designing the API and packaging to develop new node types including runtime behaviour implementation, designer icon, designer form, designer xml generation, xml parsing to object model, hibernate mappings,... This is of course towards 4.0 and still a long time out (probably Q1 2008)

      * embeddability. more and more i think we should invest in documenting integration with other technologies like spring (config and transactions), enterprise, drools, web services,... this can be done on jPDL 3.x releases.

      * evangelize about the realistic vision we have on the collaboration between analyst and developer. also the process virtual machine and the fact that different environments and different functions justify multiple process languages.

      * language updates. just show the vision by implementing all the languages. improve jpdl, make it more embeddable (see above) and build other languages like e.g. pageflow, threadflow, ruleflow,... by just providing the best implementation for all of these, we become the consolidating process platform anyway.