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    seamability of the current jbpm jsf components

    Tom Baeyens Master

      David, do you know if the current components can be used as is in a SEAM environment ?

      I would assume not because we have our own transaction model and SEAM includes this functionality as well.

      How complex would a port of the components to SEAM enabled components be ? How much effort would you estimate that ?

      Have you got an idea wether you can build jsf components for jbpm that can run in and out of a seam environment ?

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          David Lloyd Master

          Well, the components within jbpm4jsf are (nearly) all action listeners. So they should work just fine with Seam - in fact I would expect them to really enhance a Seam application. However I've not yet had the opportunity to do any direct testing to see whether it is compatible out of the box, and if not, what needs to be changed.

          But when I designed the component library, I deliberately set out to create something that could potentially be used by Seam applications as well as standalone JSF applications.

          The important part of compatibility is whether the logical component design is compatible with the Seam model, and I think it is. There may be technical hurdles to eliminate yet though, before it is a practical reality.