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    PD versioning and classloader scoping

    Bill Burke Master

      This post goes along with the .bpm archives feature talked about here:


      When deploying a .bpm archive, you will also be able to include action, handler, and other utility classes within this archive. You will also be able to classloader scope these classes so that when the process instance is being executed on, it will run inside the configured classloader.

      How I/we will do this is still a mystery to me at the moment. At the Command Service layer, this is pretty straight forward. Just have some association someplace with the process definition and a classloader and push/pop the classloader when a message comes in. Referencing the process definitions, instances, tasks, tokens, etc... from standard JBPM APIs and being able to run with the correct classloader is a different problem and will need to be thought out more.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          It becomes even more complex if you want to use specific versions of services on the ESB. Where is that configured, if at all? I do not know enough of the JBoss ESB to answer that myself.

          jBPM also has versioning of forms (deployed with the processarchive). There seems to be a small issue with that atm (versioning not realy working) but in real life applications it is not enough to just use the forms. Using a real (seam based) webapp is. But how to deploy 2 webapps on the same url (customers should not know which version they are using, the want to use webappA

          These are from real life experiences with JBoss jBPM, but the same has happend with Bea in combination with Staffware/Tibco the problems are the same (in fact even worse)