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    jbpm on tomcat/mysql doesn't configure correctly

    Maurice Yarrow Newbie

      Hello JBPM community

      I carefully and fully applied the following methodology to
      jbpm-jpdl-3.2.GA (as detailed at:)


      When I go to


      it shows a white page, but there are NO exceptions thrown
      (as evidenced by zero output to tomcat/logs/localhost.2007-06-28.log
      or to tomcat/logs/catalina.2007-06-28.log).

      The page http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console calls index.jsp which
      attempts to redirect to /jbpm-console/search/tasks.jsf
      Note that jbpm-console/search/tasks.xhtml DOES exist but it appears
      that the tasks.jsf is not getting rendered.

      Any ideas what is going on ?

      (I can also send any config info or files that I used, changed, etc.,
      if required.)

      Thanks for any help

      Maurice Yarrow
      SplashNote Systems
      Santa Clara, California