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    How to add managed-bean to JBPM 3.2.1 ???

    zhou guangzhao Newbie

      I just upgraded from jbpm 3.2. GA to jbpm 3.2.1, and found unlike jpbm3.2.GA there is no <managed-bean> tag in \WEB-INF\faces-config.xml file. After adding my managed-ben in to \WEB-INF\faces-config.xml and runing my web application that woked well in jbpm3.2.GA, I got the error like this "Target Unreachable, identifier MyUserBean resolved to null". So I think it maybe different to define cusomer bean in jbpm 3.2.1. How to do it? Why the faces-config.xml files is so different between these two versions?
      Is there any suggestion?
      Thanks in advance.