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    Contributing back to the jBPM community - business calendar

    Steven Looi Newbie

      Hi All,

      Firstly, great product guys. jBPM has met our expectations with what we were requiring regarding an open source BPM solution.

      For a project I?ve been involved with, I?ve had to implement jBPM v3.1.2 to cater for number of business requirements. Two requirements that carry the most importance for this thread are outlined below:
      1. a requirement where the business time duration between two dates had to be calculated
      2. business calendar properties file to be loaded from a location that is easy to maintain (in this case, the server file system)

      I have had to modify core jBPM code as I was unsuccessful in finding functionality in jBPM that could handle the two requirements outlined above.

      So I wish to present a question regarding code that I wish to contribute back to the jBPM community ? I believe this is mandatory as per the LGPL licence agreement. In this case, two new classes: one that contains a method that will calculate the business time duration between two dates and another class that will accept a valid calendar properties file to configure the jBPM calendar feature. What is the best approach to doing this?

      I have searched the jBPM JIRA and have found two applicable issues relating to the two points made above.

      Point 2 in issue JBPM-99 highlights the exact functionality that I required (for point 1 - above), however I wasn?t able to find the implementation in jBPM.

      The resolution for issue JBPM-927 has resolved my second point in a more recent version of jBPM.

      Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards,
      Steven Looi