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    expression or execute

    Pete Muir Master


      If you are using Seam with JBPM you end up with different syntax for executing actions uising EL:

      Seam's pages.xml

       <action execute="#{foo.bar}" />

      Seam's components.xml
       <action execute="#{foo.bar}" />

      (actually currently its

       <action expression="#{foo.bar}" />

      but we are planning to deprecate this)

      <action expression="#{foo.bar}"/>

      We (Seam dev) feel that execute is a better word as expression is what it is, whilst execute is what it does. In particular you can use expressions inside other attributes (e.g. condition="#{foo.isBar}" or actor-id="#{foo.actor}").

      But I also think consistency is very important, so we am hoping that we can get execute as an alias to expression available in JPDL (best would be to deprecate expression I think). What do you guys think? A possibility?