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    Feature request - token.getAvailableTransitionsList()

    s b Newbie

      This feature request is requesting an API which adds a version of token.getAvailableTransitions() which returns an ordered List that preserves the order of the transitions as defined in the processdefinition.xml file for the node, rather than returning an unordered Set object.

      node.getLeavingTransitions() appears to preserve the order, but the order is apparently lost when the transistions are added to the Set which is returned by token.getAvailableTransitions().

      Preserving the ordering is highly useful when implementing a minimal data-driven interface which presents the user with the transitions to choose from. The designer could exercise some control over the presentation of the choices if only the order were preserved as defined in the processdefinition.xml file.

      Although workarounds exist with existing code, it would be very helpful (and consistent I think) to provide an API that retrieves a list of the "available transitions" that is ordered as defined in the processdefinition.xml file instead of (or in addition to) an unordered set.