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    [sim] using simulation engine for load testing?

    Bernd Ruecker Master

      I just want to make an own discussion thread for it.

      Let's summarize, what happened till now:


      Also, it is simulation, but besides that, a great step towards loadtesting....(sim for the business managers, loadtesting for the it managers ;-) )

      Hmm, I am not really sure about this usage. Load testing normally involves some more sophisticated load generating strategy, for example with more than one computer. This is not addressed by the simulation engine at the moment, even if it could be, if simulation runs are too slow. But this would be stuff for the very far future ;-)

      And you don't get real information about calculation time, because simulation time has nothing to do with real time. And all figures and logs refer only to the model time.

      Agreed, but having realistic scenario's is great.... something that often lacks so called 'load tests' And yes, more needs to be done, but I'd hate to have to do duplicate work... :-)