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    [sim] experiments & scenarios

    Bernd Ruecker Master

      Hi all!

      After the simulation language seems to be OK for everybody I go on and implement experiments and scenarios to support running the simulation easily.

      I described the experiment/scenario configuration here: http://www.camunda.com/business_process_simulation_news/jbpm_simulation_experiments_and_scenarios.html. Feedback is again welcome!

      I will dive into basic output visualization/reporting and scneario comparison directly afterwords...


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          Bernd Ruecker Master

          Okay, I already changed something myself:

          Including a process in the scenario is changed from

          <sim-process name='test'>

          <sim-process path='Test/processdefinition.xml'>

          This makes it easy to load the process from the XML directly while constructing the scenario. Otherwise the process definition has to be available somewhere, which gets a problem. The one from the jbpmCointext can not be used, because it is not instrumented for simulation.

          I have some ideas to improve that later, but for the moment it is the most easy, but also convenient way I think.