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    Should HibernateSaveOperation be saveOrUpdate?

    brittm Novice

      I've noticed (accidentally of course, -ahem-) that if you attempt to call jbpmContext.save(processInstance) on a pi that was loaded outside of the current session, Hibernate will save a new pi with a new Id--however it will reference the same rootToken, etc. as the original pi, and all kinds of unexpected behavior quietly ensues.

      Of course, loading a fresh copy of the pi immediately before you do anything with it avoids the problem; however, a lot of serious data integrity hangs on remembering to do that every time. (for instance, when a pi being viewed in a UI is injected into an action component, the programmer must remember to load up a fresh copy before working on it.)

      Since failing to re-load a detached pi can result in what seems to be a broken jBPM data model, jBPM should probably be doing something itself to avoid the problem.

      I think there are possibly two ways to prevent this from happening:

      1) Simply changing the HibernateSaveOperation.save(processInstance) method to saveOrUpdate() seems to perform cleanly.
      2) Do a check on the pi, and throw an error if it doesn't belong to the current hibernate session.

      I did a forum/jira search on saveOrUpdate and didn't come up with anything recognizable, so unless someone shows that I'm just missing something here, I'll create a jira issue for this.