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    confuse on jBPM how to deploy?!?!

    fernando.deleon Newbie

      i have downloaded the jbpm-jpdl-3.2.2 starter kit.
      I was able to run the server and run the websale app.
      I was able to modify the websale app (ie add a new task)
      how do I deploy to the server my own project??
      it might be a stupid question but...
      ok...i go to my jpdl directory and created my own process definition.
      If i deploy that project definition...how do i access that process definition??
      Am using the eclipse plugin that came with the kit too.
      and from the websale tutorial was able to create a form.

      however could some one pls give me pointers as to how can i create a web project on for example a tomcat server....

      also or is there a definite guide to the jpdl ??