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    jsf jbpm integration

    vinod kakkanat Newbie

      hi .

      I have created a simple Calculator application in jbpm. I have created all the task forms in xHTML and have called the Action class to perform the calculations.
      Now i want to create the forms in JSF where i can take the input from the user and have to pass the 2 numbers to the Action class in jBPM.

      I am able to create the forms in JSF , but how do i connect them to the task node in the jBPM process diagram???

      How do i pass the 2 numbers from the form to the Process Definition ?

      How do i trigger a process from the Front End ?

      Is SEAM the only option to integrate all of them, i.e jBPM and the front end forms made in jsp or jsf ??

      Thanks in advance