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    What's the future of jBPM BAM console?

    Sean Wu Newbie

      Hi all,

      We are very interested in the jBPM BAM(Biz Activity Monitor). We've found there was a subproject of bam console under the jbpm.3 in the CVS. Before we get deep into it, I have some questions about this subproject:
      1. I've seen a blog said that SAM would replace the BAM(Maybe from JBoss Overlord project) and jbossian would say goodbye to the BAM. Is that case?If so, the current BAM will not be supported any longer, right?
      2. jBPM will take a revolution for the public API so as to seperate a layer from implementation detail from user. Will it make an big impact on BAM project?

      Could you please give answer to my questions? Thanks a lot.