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    Unifying jBPM project lifecycles

    Thomas Diesler Master


      after internal discussions we came to the conclusion that it would simplify the development cycle of both jbpm3 and 4 a great deal if we would actually talk about these two development branches as such.

      In Jira, SVN, Maven we would have jbpm-3.3.x and jbpm-4.0.x releases. Both project branches would align their release cycle, so that consumers of these projects can rely on updates in the maven repository approximately every 8 weeks.

      The distinction between pvm, jpdl4 lifecycle is seen superfluous because for the foreseeable future both projects evolve lock step anyway. For jBPM users it will also become easier, because in future you will only need to refer to jbpm-x.y.z without needing to make a distinction in project name based on component name.

      The pvm release artefact in the maven repository will of course stay decoupled as is for folks that only want to consume the pvm base component.