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    jbpm-3.3.0.CR1 just released

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Dear Folks,

      I am pleased to announce that we have just released jbpm-3.3.0.CR1.

      This release was mainly about productization issues like

      * SVN source repository
      * Maven build system
      * Automated Hudson QA
      * IzPack based Installer
      * Defined set of target containers
      * Defined set of target databases
      * Bug fixes

      Prove that we actually did it is here in our Hudson Matrix

      More detailed Release Notes are here

      The release can be consumed from source

      or as maven artefacts

      A proper download will be available when we reach general availability with jbpm-3.3.0.GA probably by 1-Nov-2008.

      Finally I'd like to thank everybody who helped to make this release happen.