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    Pass process instance key to sub process

    Michael Martinsen Newbie


      I would like to be able to pass the key of a (parent) process instance to a child process instance created using:

       <process-state name="start-child-process">
       <sub-process name="child-process" binding="late"/>

      I have searched the docs and the net and asked a forum question:

      It seems to me there is no easy way (if any) of doing this, so I might add this. I would like some input on my thought.

      I am thinking about adding a attribute to the sub-process tag to specify if the child process should be given the parent key. Something like:
       <process-state name="start-child-process">
       <sub-process name="child-process" inheritParentKey="true" binding="late"/>

      Then I would make the change in the org.jbpm.graph.node.ProcessState.

      Any comments on this?