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    jBPM project structure and direction

    Thomas Diesler Master


      as you might know already, we wanted to give the jBPM project a more professional infrastructure that allows us to work more effectively and regularly produce the quality releases that you would expect from a jboss project. Generally, as with all other jboss projects the formula holds

       project == product

      This has been done now.

      Currently we have two branches of the jBPM project

      jBPM3: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbpm/jbpm3
      jBPM4: http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbpm/jbpm4

      jBPM3 is the codebase that is currently in production and will be maintained for the lifetime of these production releases (i.e. 5 years).
      The next jBPM3 release, which is jbpm-3.3.0 will come out 1-Nov-2008 and will improve on productization aspects

      * SVN code repository
      * Maven build system
      * Automated Hudson QA http://jbpm.dyndns.org:8280/hudson/job/jBPM-Matrix
      * Defined set of target containers http://jbpm.dyndns.org/jbpmwiki/index.php?title=JBPM3SupportedTargetContainers
      * Defined set of target databases http://jbpm.dyndns.org/jbpmwiki/index.php?title=JBPM3SupportedTargetDatabases
      * Defined set of supported JDK's (see Hudson Matrix)
      * IzPack based installer http://jbpm.dyndns.org/jbpmwiki/index.php?title=JBPM3BuildingTheInstaller

      In jBPM4 we removed the notion of separate jPDL, PVM projects. It is all jBPM4 now. The next jBPM4 release, which is jbpm-4.0.0-Alpha1 will also come out 1-Nov-2008 and is about setting up the project infrastructure such that (as I mentioned above already) it will allow us to work effectively. You will also have

      * SVN code repository
      * Maven build system
      * Automated Hudson QA http://jbpm.dyndns.org:8180/hudson

      Additionally to that we are going to start an API+CTS effort, that will introduce a stable public API that jBPM clients can interact with. Maybe not so obvious clients are ESB, Management Console, BI/BAM, Test Environments, Graphical designer, etc. Every concept that we introduce in the API will be verified in a compatibility test suite (CTS). Starting in November, you should see regular design discussions about the API in this forum.

      Following on from the 1-Nov release you should expect to see regular jBPM releases every 8 weeks.