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    fixed ProcessStateDbTest

    Tom Baeyens Master

      it only took me a week. the weirdest sequence of phenomena that i ever saw.

      eventually one of the obstacles in finding the problem was that the database returned a list sorted on a timestamp. in most cases that gives a precise order... unless when the multiple process instances have a start date within the same millisecond. in that case, the order becomes random.

      along the way i tried to upgrade hibernate. (i won't commit those changes) but i want to mention that doing so was very hard. it seems we cannot rely on the automagical third party dependency resolution in mvn. i assume that the dependencies are not always correctly specified in the public repositories.

      also i saw way too many dependencies. this was really frustrating when cleaning the repo. it took me 1 hour to rebuild the repo. And during that one hour, i couldn't do anything else because once and the while a jar wasn't found in a public repo and I just had to retry.

      maybe we should consider to have our own maven repo for our dependencies. this is considered good practice with ivy. having a single repo for all of jboss is good, but making sure that all the 3rd party dependency resolutions happer correctly might be easier if we have full control. i'll add this as a topic to discuss on the meeting.