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    scrollerListener Not Firing With rich:datascroller


      I am building a Seam-RichFaces app that utilizes rich:datascroller. I want to bind a listener that fires when the user hits one of the scroll buttons.

      Here is my listener method (as found in a Seam component called searchAction):

      public void doScroll(DataScrollerEvent event) {

      Here is the markup in my facelet:

      <rich:datascroller id="searchResultsScroller"

      Unfortunately, the listener method called searchAction.doScroll does not fire as evidenced by the fact I see no log message.

      Can anyone help me figure out why my listener won't fire? I appreciate any insight.

      Please let me know if I can provide further information.


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          I remain stumped on this issue, but what is funny is that I can assign an action to my rich:datascroller. In other words, if I add this attribute:


          ...then the action does indeed fire. Unfortunately, this is not sufficient for me since I need access to the DataScrollerEvent object, and action methods cannot take parameters.

          Any help you can provide is appreciated.


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            shadowcreeper Apprentice

            Parameter component for action or actionListener:

            <a4j:actionparam name="unusedParameterToHelpDocumentYourCode" assignTo="#{bean.propertyToSet}" value="#{elExpresionOfValueToSet}"/>

            Note: There is currently a bug (I forget the exact details) where either action or actionListener will happen before the actionparams are called. Using the other is the workaround.

            Also, if this is used in a jsFunction called with parameters, you do not need the value attribute.