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    donating an ANT task to the jBPM project

    Tom Baeyens Master

      on behalf of Jim:

      "Jim" wrote:
      I've enhanced an existing ANT task called GenJar -- http://genjar.sourceforge.net/ that is LGPL licensed, and have received the OK from my boss to donate it back to the jBPM project. The original task walks the dependency tree of the classes of interest and builds the list of classes to put in a jar. I had modified the main class of the task and added another class so it will inspect the processdefinition.xml file being deployed and walk the dependency tree of all of the delegation classes that all of the handlers call out to.

      There are a few upsides:
      - Smaller deployment to the database
      - Deploy time checking of class names (I've deployed processes with wrong package / class name before, and it blows up at runtime -- this catches it at deploy time)
      - fairly easy to use

      One drawback:
      - Interface based programming isn't possible (I think this can be worked around with Spring Java Config)

      Please let me know how best to proceed so I can donate the code to the jBPM project.