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    Tom Baeyens Master

      can someone on linux fiddle around with the xsddoc task ?

      in jbpm 4, in api, there is this snippet commented:

       <echo message="basedir: ${basedir}" />
       <taskdef name="xsddoc" classname="net.sf.xframe.xsddoc.Task" classpathref="maven.plugin.classpath" />
       <mkdir dir="target/doc/schemadoc" />
       <xsddoc out="${basedir}/target/doc/schemadoc" title="jBPM 4 Schema's" verbose="false">
       <fileset dir="src/main/resources" />

      If you uncomment it, it works on my windows, but not on linux with java5 for some reason.

      It has to do with how maven passes the basedir property to the ant task, i believe.

      It's in this hudson run that i got a problem:


      for some reason or another, the basedir seems to be duplicated:

      and without the basedir, it doesn't work when this build is being called from the parent project.

      it seems a pitty that we can't use this as it works well on windows and i couldn't get this xsddoc to work in any other way. also not the maven integration...