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    hibernate cache challenge

    Tom Baeyens Master

      the first that can explain me why hibernate logs indicate that it still goes to the DB after a cache hit gets a http://www.abbaye-de-leffe.be/SITES/abbaye-de-leffe.be/IMG/gif/brune.gif

      10:49:22,031 FIN | [NonstrictReadWriteCache] Caching: org.jbpm.pvm.internal.model.ProcessDefinitionImpl#1
      10:49:22,031 FIN | [NonstrictReadWriteCache] Cache lookup: org.jbpm.pvm.internal.model.ProcessDefinitionImpl.attachments#1
      10:49:22,031 FIN | [NonstrictReadWriteCache] Cache hit
      10:49:22,031 FIN | [SQL]
       /* load org.jbpm.pvm.internal.lob.LobCached */ select
       lobcached0_.DBID_ as DBID1_10_0_,
       lobcached0_.DBVERSION_ as DBVERSION2_10_0_,
       lobcached0_.BLOB_VALUE_ as BLOB3_10_0_,
       lobcached0_.BINARY_VALUE_ as BINARY4_10_0_,
       lobcached0_.CLOB_VALUE_ as CLOB5_10_0_,
       lobcached0_.TEXT_VALUE_ as TEXT6_10_0_
       JBPM_LOB lobcached0_
      10:49:22,031 FST | [LongType] binding '1' to parameter: 1
      10:49:22,031 FST | [IntegerType] returning '0' as column: DBVERSION2_10_0_
      10:49:22,031 FST | [BinaryType] returning null as column: BINARY4_10_0_
      10:49:22,031 FST | [TextType] returning null as column: TEXT6_10_0_