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    Questions on EJB2 enterprise module

    Bernd Ruecker Master

      Hi Alex,

      I currently review the current enterprise module and have some questions. I hope you don't mind if I post them here?

      - Commands: I thought about that they should be moved to the jbpm core command base. But this special behavior avoid this to be easy:
      ExecuteJobCommand / postJobsExecution: There a JMS message is created hard coded. Wouldn't it be possible to create the jobs again via the MessageService? In the JMS implementaion this will create messages but use the default way and code?

      - Why is the ExecuteJobsCommand that much easier than the ExecuteJobCommand? shouldn't it basically include the same logic?

      - The ExecuteTimerCommand could easily be moved to jbpm core timers, wouldn't that be a good option? Can I do such a refactoring?