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    Ending executions API

    Heiko Braun Master

      I was just looking at the ActivityExecution interface, it says:

      /** view upon an {@link Execution path of execution} exposed to
       * {@link ActivityBehaviour} implementations.
       * @author Tom Baeyens
      public interface ActivityExecution extends OpenExecution {

      However it exposes e method to end the execution which states:

      /** ends this execution and all of its child executions.
       * <p>The execution will be removed from it's parent. Potentially this can cause
       * a parent execution to start executing in case this is the last concurrent
       * execution for which the parent is waiting.</p>
       * <p>This method should not be called in {@link ActivityBehaviour}s. It can be called from
       * outside the process execution and in {@link ExternalActivityBehaviour}s. </p> */
       void end();

      This method should not be called in {@link ActivityBehaviour}s.

      Why is in the interface then?

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          i just deleted the comment :-)

          and that is surprisingly how it should be fixed. This is a historic comment which originally said that you shouldn't call it from inside EventListener implementations. But due to subsequent refactorings the link got corrupted and unnecessary as we have split the interfaces and you can't call the end method from EventListeners any more