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    Invalid JSF-Console release

    Thomas Diesler Master


      the jbpm-3.2.6 build fails because it references a jsf-console that is not released


      [tdiesler@tddell jbpm3]$ ls -1 jsf-console

      There is a tag for jsf-console-3.2.6.GA but it actually has a different version and references a 3.3.1-SNAPSHOT which is not used any more

      [tdiesler@tddell jsf-console-3.2.6.GA]$ find . -name pom.xml | xargs grep SNAPSHOT
      ./pom.xml: <version>3.3.1-SNAPSHOT</version>
      ./pom.xml: <jbpm.version>3.3.1-SNAPSHOT</jbpm.version>
      ./console/pom.xml: <version>3.3.1-SNAPSHOT</version>
      ./jbpm4jsf/pom.xml: <version>3.3.1-SNAPSHOT</version>
      ./soa/pom.xml: <version>3.3.1-SNAPSHOT</version>

      The hudson box has been hacked to to contain that version. Why?

      [hudson@jbpm ~]$ ls -1 ~/.m2/repository/org/jbpm/jbpm3/jsf-console

      All of this is happening at a point of time were we are trying to wrap up a release.

      Can you please explain what is going on and why do see these unsolicited changes in the first place.

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          Thomas Diesler Master

          Alejandro sais,

          I created a 3.2.6.GA branch for the jsf-console, fixed a broken ejb-ref
          in jboss-web.xml and set the version numbers in the poms appropriately.

          I took the console for a test drive with the websale process and it
          works just fine. As soon as Hudson completes, it should be ready to fly.

          We did not agree on who would release it. If any of you does it, would
          you please document your steps so I can do it in the future?

          I verified that this is ok and will recreate the tag from it.