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    GSoC proposal: Process instance migration in JBPM

    Tom Baeyens Master

      For this proposal, I think the following timeline is achievable:

      Milestone 1 (approx 7 days): Get overview of the jBPM codebase and learn the build system.

      Milestone 2 (approx 12 days): Work out the simplest possible example and discuss the proposed solution. Starting points: add a property to the deployment (probably as an attribute in the process definition). Add process instance migration code to the JpdlDeployer.

      Milestone 3 (approx 7 days): Add a translation map in case activity names have changed. Define how this mapping information will be part of a deployment.

      Milestone 4 (approx 15 days): Analyse exact constraints for migrating process instances over to a changed process definition. What kind of changes can be handled. And what kind of changes cannot be handled. Add those constraints to the process instance migration.

      Milestone 5 (approx 15 days): Develop a testing strategy for process instance migrations.