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    jBPM design patterns question

    Ron Wallis Newbie

      Hi I new to the forum but have been using jBPM for a bit now (and loving it). I have a couple "design pattern" questions to ask.

      1) Should jBPM be used as a "fancy" server side batch processor/scheduler where the token recurses from one processing node to a decision node and then, based on the decision, back to the processing node using a timer thats set at some interval like 1 minute? Will this cause stack overflow problems eventually? Will this cause the log file to get ridiculously large?

      2) What is the practical limit of child token hierarchy levels? In other works if a fork is used to send a token back to the node it came from and parallel another token to a different node (resend algorithm), what limit should be put on the resend (or should this algorithm simply not be used), before the child tokens get to be too many and stack over flow occurs?