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    Enterprise Structure for JBPM4

    Brad Davis Novice

      With JBPM 3, we have switched between EARs and SARs.

      This has caused a bit of confusion and also has made things a bit complicated in terms of loader-repositories.

      One large jBPM client does use a dedicated loader-repository with their application, and supporting dedicated loader-repositories would be a nice thing for 4. I am not sure how this model changes for JBoss 5 though.

      I know with the current jBPM 3, there are a few steps to getting the loader repository to work, including moving the jbpm-enterprise.jar, and having to add the loader-repository in several configurations. The nice thing about the EAR deployment was that it only required one configuration change to have jBPM participate in a given loader-repository in JBoss.

      Before we move to 4, we should put as much thought into packaging as we do into the architecture to ensure that it will work with a number of different client setups. This would include:

      1) Loader Repositories
      2) EJB Integration

      I know there was talks on the forum of having a ThreadLocal type solution to calling jBPM within EJB, such that opening the context wouldnt occur multiple times for nested EJB calls. Has this been investigated for 4?