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    Proposal: Groovy integration in jBPM-4

    Bertrand Njipwo Newbie

      Hi together,

      I'll give here a short description on how I'll attack the following proposal (Groovy integration in jBPM 4) with the following 3 headlines:
      Identification of the library dependencies
      Availability of the libraries in a maven repository
      Work out example(s) as a proof of concept

      Milestone 1 (Done): Education: Motivation behind java and scripting languages. Introduction to the involved technologies/frameworks (jBPM).

      Milestone 2 (approximately 4 - 5 days):
      - Identify the library dependencies (Almost completed).
      The core Groovy libraries used in JSR-223 may be conflicting with jBPM-4 libraries since jBPM-4 is using hibernate. I'll have 2 or more alternatives to solve this issue.

      - Check the existence of those libraries in a public maven repository (1 day)

      - The next problem coming on the top of this one is that jBPM-4 will support Java 6 (1 - 2 days). Since Java 6 provide the support for scripting language there will be a need to synchronize between both.

      Milestone 3 (approximately 4- 7 days): Once it's decided which way to go I'll have to go straight with the Groovy integration including the jBPM configuration and play around with couple examples invoking the GroovyScriptEngine. I'm expecting here to run into some issues and bugs.

      Milestone 4 (approximately unknown): Working out some examples where groovy is used in a process.

      This is the big picture how I'll attack this proposal.

      The other question I have is the following: Where to post design decisions I'll be facing and where to send/publish my status report. Is this same post the right place?

      Thanks for your feed back.

      Bertrand Njipwo