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    values in example.identities.sql for JBPM4_ID_USER do not fi

    Michael Rinne Newbie

      This issue applies to revision 4815 and some earlier revisions.

      The script example.identities.sql contains lines like

      INSERT INTO JBPM4_ID_USER VALUES (1,0,'alex','password','Administrator Login','');

      but the script jbpm.hsqldb.create.sql creates the JBPM4_ID_USER table as follows
      create table JBPM4_ID_USER (
       DBID_ bigint generated by default as identity (start with 1),
       DBVERSION_ integer not null,
       ID_ varchar(255),
       PASSWORD_ varchar(255),
       GIVENNAME_ varchar(255),
       FAMILYNAME_ varchar(255),
       BUSINESSEMAIL_ varchar(255),
       primary key (DBID_)

      The value 'Administrator Login' does not fit to the columns GIVENNAME_ and FAMILYNAME_.

      The script example.identities.sql should be changed to use something like
      INSERT INTO JBPM4_ID_USER VALUES (1,0,'alex','password','Alex','Admin','');