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    Timer problem in jBPM

    Siddarameshwar Bulla Newbie

      In our JBPM workflow, from submit request, there will be two node waiting for approval [irrsepctive of priority] once both gets approved then process will be complete. The wait time for approval is 10 minutes, if user doesn't approve in 10 minute, process needs to send email and wait for 10 more minutes, once it reaches total 30 minutes then node should automatically forward to end node. This process will same for both the the nodes.

      The problem I am facing is, after submitting request when timer starts for both the nodes. in 10 minutes if no one approves the request then timer will check for 30 mins check[whether it finishes 30 mins], sends mail accordingly and either remain in same node or go to end state depending on time check.The samething happens in other node as well. But both try to access the same thread of job executor and creating delegation exception. If I keep different time check for both then it works but if both try to access thread at same time then I am getting delegation exception.

      If anyone knows possible solution for this problem then their help and guidance is very much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,