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    Super State Node

    Swati S Newbie

      As we can not put "start-state" in super-state node then which node executed first? If it depends on order defined in super-state then Why it is not taking the order which I mentioned in process?
      This is piece of code

       <super-state name="super1">
       <process-state name="getPrice">
       <sub-process name="Calculate Price" version="1"></sub-process>
       <variable name="productnumber" access="read,write" />
       <variable name="price" access="read,write" />
       <transition to="Calculate Overall Price"></transition>
       <node name="Calculate Overall Price">
       <transition name="" to="Display Cost"></transition>

      One more question if there are two parallel activities in a process-state and no join in the super-state node, then in that case when this super state will be completed? meaning when we can say super-state node completed execution?