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    schema updates

    Tom Baeyens Master

      Here are a couple of schema updates that I am committing:

      Removed 2 columns in JBPM4_EXECUTION:

      <property name="transitionSourceName" column="TRANSRC_" />
       <property name="transitionSourceIndex" column="TRANSRCIDX_" />

      Removed a couple of columns in JBPM4_JOB

      <property name="signalName" column="SIGNAL_" />
       <property name="info" column="INFO_" />
       <property name="processDefinitionId" column="PROCDEF_" />
       <property name="activityName" column="ACT_" />
       <property name="transitionIndex" column="TRIDX_" />
       <property name="eventName" column="EVENT_" />
       <property name="eventListenerIndex" column="EVTLSTIDX_" />