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    How to insert pure html content inside RF page?

    Marcelo Leiras Newbie

      Hi all,

      i have to insert an image (a chart generated by jfreechart) inside my application. The problem is that this image has an imagemap.
      So, i think one solution is to put pure html content in my RF page.
      Take a look at my html code

      <HEAD><TITLE>JFreeChart Image Map Demo</TITLE></HEAD>
      <map id="chart" name="chart">
      <area shape="poly" coords="563,19,569,19,569,25,563,25,563,19,563,19" title="8D - 5.36" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="491,100,497,100,497,106,491,106,491,100,491,100" title="7D - 5.31" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="419,197,425,197,425,203,419,203,419,197,419,197" title="6D - 5.25" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="347,246,353,246,353,252,347,252,347,246,347,246" title="5D - 5.22" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="275,359,281,359,281,365,275,365,275,359,275,359" title="4D - 5.15" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="203,230,209,230,209,236,203,236,203,230,203,230" title="3D - 5.23" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="131,310,137,310,137,316,131,316,131,310,131,310" title="2D - 5.18" alt=""/>
      <area shape="poly" coords="59,246,65,246,65,252,59,252,59,246,59,246" title="1D - 5.22" alt=""/>
      <IMG SRC="xychart100.png" WIDTH="600" HEIGHT="400" BORDER="0" USEMAP="#chart">

      Is there a way to do that?
      Maybe another solution?